The TI-99/4a capture my interest when I was just 14 and I have been involved with it ever since.


I ran USS Starship Exodus, which later was renamed to USS Valiant II back from 1985-1988 with Mark Shields BBS program called S.O.F.T.W.O.R.X which was powered by Zyolog Machine Language.


I actively code programs within .NET for Windows machines and of course TI Extended basic.


Check out my Software section for Cartridge Manipulator for Windows and other programs.


I currently have a TI-99/4A system that I am always expanding some how and I have completed coding my FuSiON BBS software that is powered by S&T machine code with permission from the author.  This BBS software is the first that was written 100% on an emulator but has been tested on a real TI-99/4A system as well.

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