My Projects  ***Updated 06/03/2020***

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VGAGBS-Genie - Interface board that connects to a GBS8200 (not included) to convert RGB video signals to a standard VGA output utilizing a GBS8200.  This will allow for a Geneve 9640 or a TI-99/4A that uses the AVPC or EVPC card to use newer VGA monitors.

OoeyGUI Mess - Coded in Python and compatible with Windows, Linux and OSX; this program interfaces with MAME 0204b or higher to pass arguments for easy launching of an emulated system. 

SCART-Genie - (In production) Converts RGB signal from Geneve 9640 to standard SCART, includes LM1881 Sync cleaner within circuit.  Easily connect a 9640 to a SCART enabled monitor (15kHz) or SCART to HDMI upscaler without the need of soldering!  Check my store out for more information!

Fusion BBS - New TI-99/4a supported BBS software using S&T Machine code with permission from the author.


SOFTWORX BBS v1.0 - Original version of this BBS software written and coded by Mark Shields.  - I need to create docs


SOFTWORX BBS Latest - Revive latest BBS Software from Mark Shields which uses the Zyolog BBS Machine Language.


ATARI Joystick Adapter for TI-99/4A - My version of the TI-99/4a to Atari Joystick Adapter.

TI-99/4A Reset Switch - Instructions to install a reset switch for the TI-99/4A.

Getting the TI On The Internet - Instructions for both Lantronix UDS and Raspberry Pi

DIY ESP8266 WiFi Modem - Instructions for building from scratch a WiFi modem using ESP8266 module.  The device will act as a Hayes Modem!

AT2XT Keyboard Converter AT keyboard scan codes to XT keyboard Scan Codes using a PIC12F629 micro-controller

AT/XT USB Keys - Use a USB keyboard on PC that uses AT or XT keyboard.

838 DriveSelect Board - No more hacking of floppy cables for 3.5 drives that have no drive select option.

VGAGBS Genie V2 - Connect your RGB 15kHz computer to VGA LCD Monitor

Mouse Genie V1 - Connect a PS/2 Mouse to the Geneve 9640 BUS mouse port!

BQ4847 Frankenstein - Replacement of your the BQ4847 battery

838-SPEECH PEB Adapter Card - Put your Speech Synthesizer in your PEB!

838-IDE v3 - IDE Hard disk controller for TI-99/4A, TI-99/8 and Myarc Geneve 9640 computers.

TI99 Support Suite - (Currently in Development) - Ongoing utilities in development to support the TI-99/4A & Myarc Geneve 9640 for use with cross-platform operating systems.  Python will be the language of choice due to its cross-platform compatibility.  First up is a program to allow RAW disk IO access to SD cards to read and write specific sectors for  use with the WHTSCSI card and SCSI2SD adapter.